Saturday, 11 September 2010

Madam Q the Chronicles part deux

I shall call this story. Gray hair hall.

Can't recall how long ago this one was, but it was ages ago.

Madam Q was walking around my town and she made her way down to the local play park. Me and a few friends where playing football (soccer for you people that don't call it football) on a patch of green next to the park. When we spotted Madam Q making her way over to the park we all grabbed out things and got the fuck out. One of the older boys that was down at the park that day shouted over to Madam Q and said "Heyy Madam Q you want a bit of that?" whist he grabbed his package. Madam Q without hesitation replied "Yes" and then she twigs down her trousers and underwear exposing her... minge.

Everyone in the park at this moment where in complete horror. Especially the guy that said that too her, he eventually ran off when she started walking over towards him (note her trousers and underwear are still down at this point)

Eventually the police where called in to arrest her for indecent exposure.

I think this one has personally mentally scared me... I'm still having flash backs


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